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Truss Layouts & Engineering

45+ years of experience. Short lead times. MiTek Systems. Certified by the Timber Products Truss Quality Audit Program. We always receive the highest rating!

Truss Layouts & Engineering for Humboldt and the Surrounding Counties

Since 1974

Thomas Trusses has been manufacturing trusses in northern California for nearly 50 years, and it shows in our service and attention to detail.

We supply trusses throughout the entire North Coast: Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties.

Premier Tools

For layouts and engineering, we use MiTek Systems, the premier tool for the truss industry. Information comes to you seamlessly as detailed layouts and sealed engineering.

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Highly Rated

We are certified by the Timber Products Truss Quality Audit Program, involving numerous in-house and third-party inspections. We always receive the highest rating, with comments such as, “These are the best-looking trusses I’ve ever seen,” and “Very well made trusses. Tight joints, good plate connection, rotation, and pressing.”

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Our manufacturing team has extensive experience in all truss types, including:

  • Floor Truss
  • Hip Roof Truss
  • Mono Truss
  • Polynesian Truss
  • Attic Loft Truss
  • Gambrel Truss
  • Scissor Truss
  • Flat Roof Truss
  • Parallel Chord Truss
  • Porch Truss
  • Vaulted Truss
  • Cantilever Truss

More About MiTek

MiTek truss software is widely regarded as an industry leader in truss design through its offering of comprehensive tools and features that streamline the truss design process and enhance efficiency.

Its cutting-edge algorithms and engineering principles deliver accurate and reliable truss designs. The software can also handle complex geometries, varying loads, and diverse material specifications, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with industry standards and codes.

The software generates detailed reports, drawings, and documentation, providing comprehensive information for engineers, architects, contractors, and regulatory authorities. These outputs include design calculations, 3D models, fabrication drawings, and material lists, ensuring clear communication and facilitating the construction process.

Overall, the combination of advanced design capabilities, user-friendly interface, automation, optimization, integration, comprehensive reporting, and ongoing support has established MiTek truss software as the preferred choice for truss design professionals. MiTek is an indispensable tool in the truss design and construction processes.

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